Monday, June 17, 2013

Stuart Causeway and Jensen Beach Causeway and Elsewhere

The bite was slow and small this afternoon at both bridges, Stuart A1A Causeway and Jensen Beach Causeway.  All I got was nibbles and a lost rig at Stuart, and over at Jensen Beach, I caught a whopping 2 Grunts and a Red Snapper too small to keep.  In both cases, I tried the East sides today, rather than the west  Both locations were crowded and not really pleasant to fish.  Then again, it was Father's Day, today and there were lots of families at all locations, and it's no surprise that all locations were swamped.

Conditions at Stuart are shallow with a sloping drop and beach conditions.  The East side of Jensen Beach causeway has a large grassbed on the downstream side of the bridge  with  an inbound tide.  If you are using a rig that depends on a tidal float to get out away from the dock, this location really isn't for you. One of my pol4es is a vintage Lamiglass pole with roller guides and Penn Senator reel from the 1950's, for example, strung with 80 pound test.  Not really a good pole for this location, although the west side is a perfect location for it with stronger tidal flow and no deep weed bed to snag your hook if you are trying to stream with a float on  the tide.   Water depth is around 8 feet, though off the pier.  The fish in the east side seem to run more to smaller snappers and grunts.

On my way home, I stopped and made a few casts at the small riverside park in Stuart at SW Gaines and SE Paulson near Lost River Road.  Water conditions were murky and black.  This isn't unusual.  I got a few nibbles on some shrimp, but no solid bites.

Tomorrow, St Lucie Locks is on the agenda for both some salt and freshwater fishing.

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