Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Day Without a Wheelchair

Yesterday was at the Jensen Beach Causeway.  The weather was windy, but generally very nice  The high was in the upper 80's and mostly sunny.  We arrived at the causeway at about 8:00 AM after stopping for shrimp at the Snook Nook.

The Snook Nook

Fishing wasn/\'t great for me, but they were hitting.  The lady next to me was hitting on Spanish Mackerels like they were lining up for her hook at the Golden Corral.  About every 3 minutes, she'd get a strike.  She was using shiner minnows for bait.

After an hour streaming out on a bobber with no hits other than bait thieves, I cut back to a single pole and started freeline bottom fishing with a 4 oz weight at the top of the leader and I finally got a little action.  I caught a Guitarfish.  This is an ugly fish, and a member of the Ray family.  It has no whip tail or stinger and essentially lives on sandy flats and bottom feeds.
You can see why it's called a Guitarfish!

Later, I took a monster strike, which I wasn't able to land, but did get close enough in to the pier to see that it was a 7 foot Bull Shark.

I thought I was going to be pulled off the pier with this one!

A little later, I did land a small Hammerhead Shark.

My wife even managed to wet a line yesterday and had a nice relaxing day, herself.  This was a day we both really needed.

All in all, though, it was a fun day.  The best part of the whole day is that I didn't have to use my wheelchair.  This is huge progress, after my strokes in September. I may get back to my catfish holes yet!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

While we live........

"Dum vivimus, vivamus! -- 'While we live, let us live!' To live, we must follow our dreams, and let no man dissuade us, even if those dreams put us potentially in harms way. Living life in bubble wrap is merely existing, and I choose to experience my life to its fullest.

That's part of why I fish.  Aside from the tasty goodness that I catch, I find fishing to be meditative, and it centers me.  Since my strokes in September, I haven't been able to fish nearly as much as I'd like to, and haven't been able to hit my secret holes for the big cats.  This is changing, though.  

My next big fishing agenda, though, is to do a charter.  I'd like to go after some of the big Pelagic fish, and since Martin County and the Treasure Coast is the Sailfish and Marlin capitol of Florida, who knows?  Maybe I'll get a monster.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Catfishing on the St Lucie Canal

Prized among catfish, the St Lucie Canal offers some really good channel cat action.  My average fish is 18-24 inches, and provide some quite tasty meals.  They are also pretty good fighters and hit like a freight train on various baits from chicken liver, to minnows and even on leftover squid from salt water fishing.
l Cats from the St Lucie Canal
The besty times for catfishing are right as the sun is coming up, or around sunset.  They also hit at night, but you have to compete with the alligators in the canal, so I don't really bother with night fishing, since my lights attract the gators.  I'm safe enough, where I fish in my secret catfish hole, because of a vertical 4 foot concrete wall the gators can't climb, but they keep eati g the fish before I can get them landed. 

Also, in the canal, is a veritable panoply of panfish, from big sunfish to bluegills that make a midwestern boy like myself, as happy as a clam with their sizes.
Bluegill and Redear Sunfish from the St Lucie Canal and Port Mayaca Retention basin
From my experiences up north and down here in Florida as well, nothing fights like a Bluegill.  I'd love to see what a 10 or 15 pound bbluegill would be like, I'm not sure you could land it on light tackle, actually. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fishing Plans for Tomorrow

Jensen Beach Causeway and hopefully, Sailfish Point.  If I get out to Sailfish, I'll definitely post an accessibility report for wheelchair, etc.  Upcoming plans also include Hobe Sound and down around Jupiter.

Meanwhile, my wife just got her salt water license as well and will get some fishing in herself!  Booyah!  Also, given the werakness ofg my left arm after my strokes, if I hook a huge fish, she can help me land it if necessary.

Current Tide Table for Jensen Beach Causeway

2014-02-18 06:55 AM EST   Sunrise
2014-02-18 07:03 AM EST  -0.14 feet  Low Tide
2014-02-18 08:49 AM EST   Moonset
2014-02-18 12:53 PM EST   1.05 feet  High Tide
2014-02-18 06:14 PM EST   Sunset
2014-02-18 07:22 PM EST  -0.23 feet  Low Tide
2014-02-18 09:41 PM EST   Moonrise
2014-02-19 01:19 AM EST   1.05 feet  High Tide
2014-02-19 06:54 AM EST   Sunrise
2014-02-19 07:41 AM EST  -0.07 feet  Low Tide
2014-02-19 09:26 AM EST   Moonset
2014-02-19 01:30 PM EST   1.02 feet  High Tide
2014-02-19 06:15 PM EST   Sunset
2014-02-19 08:02 PM EST  -0.23 feet  Low Tide
2014-02-19 10:37 PM EST   Moonrise
2014-02-20 02:02 AM EST   1.02 feet  High Tide
2014-02-20 06:53 AM EST   Sunrise
2014-02-20 08:24 AM EST   0.01 feet  Low Tide
2014-02-20 10:07 AM EST   Moonset
2014-02-20 02:11 PM EST   0.99 feet  High Tide
2014-02-20 06:16 PM EST   Sunset
2014-02-20 08:48 PM EST  -0.21 feet  Low Tide
2014-02-20 11:34 PM EST   Moonrise
2014-02-21 02:51 AM EST   1.00 feet  High Tide
2014-02-21 06:52 AM EST   Sunrise
2014-02-21 09:15 AM EST   0.09 feet  Low Tide
2014-02-21 10:51 AM EST   Moonset
2014-02-21 02:57 PM EST   0.96 feet  High Tide
2014-02-21 06:16 PM EST   Sunset
2014-02-21 09:43 PM EST  -0.19 feet  Low Tide
2014-02-22 12:32 AM EST   Moonrise

Monday, February 3, 2014

Thought for the Day

And it's so true!

 And another truism with some fishing humor......

Ad so it goes.....time to grab a pole and go fishing!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fishing From A Wheelchair; Part 1

As promised, I'm starting my series on wheelchair and handicap access fishing spots.  I'll be starting with the Jensen Beach Causeway.  There are two areas where access is reasonable.  One is the wood pier.  It does have one drawback....the slope pf the sidewalk when you approach the parking area os a bit steep and difficult to navigate unassisted in a chair.  Once on the pier, though it's all golden.

This brings us to the main causeway concrete pier under the bridge.  Access is excellent and it's easy to navigate with a chair.

Photography by E, Leonard

Overall, I have to give the causeway only a 4 star rating though.  There are only a couple handicap spaces for parking, and as I mentioned above the steep sidewalk slope at the wooden pier can make it interesting either up or downhill in a wheelchair.

As to the fishing?  Well, even a bad day fishing beats a day stuck at home, or in the office, or in the hospital!  I caught one small redfish, about six inches long.  It was too small to keep.  Happily, I caught it on an ultralight rig I was using to jig for baitfish for my bigger poles, so it felty like a whale on the wee little panfish rig Ugly Stick.

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