Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BIG FISH!!!!!!

Well, we had a winnah at the pier today in the "Big Fish" category at Jensen Beach Causeway.  I'm mildly envious, too.  He was next to me in the pier, and he hooked into this monster 40 pound +/- Jack.  His name is withheld for privacy reasons.

My little Blue Runner paled in comparison.

Fishing was very slow, though today, again at the Causeway.  The tide came in so fast my bait was planing on the surface with even my big baitcaster rod and 6 oz of lead weights on the head of the leader on the main causeway pier.  There was an inordinate amount of weed floating in as well that kept fouling everyone's hooks.

In addition, the Army Corp of Engineers is reducing the water levels in Okeechobee, so the salinity is down again in the Indian River Lagoon, which is adversely affecting the fishing.

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