Monday, June 2, 2014

Using a canoe for fishing the ICW and Flats

OK, I'm starting a new project.  I'm making some mods to my old canoe to put my little 2 1/2 HP outboard on it and adding a couple stability outrigger/floats so I can do standing casts and throw my castnet from the canoe without tipping.  I also need a bit more stability getting in and out of the boat, since my left leg is partially paralyzed and significantly weaker than the right after my strokes.

This will allow me to go after some areas that the big fish hang out, away from the herds at the causeways and piers.  The motor will really help me with tidal currents, too.  It;'s not real easy paddling or rowing against the tide......much like kayaking the rapids, but going up stream.

I have a design on process for a pair of epoxy sealed plywood streamlined floats for the dual outriggers.  For the framework, I'm planning on PVC pipe and clamps for the gunwhales of the canoe.  I'll be posting the progress and make the design and specs available here in the Fishing Report for free, as well.

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