Sunday, March 30, 2014

While we live........

"Dum vivimus, vivamus! -- 'While we live, let us live!' To live, we must follow our dreams, and let no man dissuade us, even if those dreams put us potentially in harms way. Living life in bubble wrap is merely existing, and I choose to experience my life to its fullest.

That's part of why I fish.  Aside from the tasty goodness that I catch, I find fishing to be meditative, and it centers me.  Since my strokes in September, I haven't been able to fish nearly as much as I'd like to, and haven't been able to hit my secret holes for the big cats.  This is changing, though.  

My next big fishing agenda, though, is to do a charter.  I'd like to go after some of the big Pelagic fish, and since Martin County and the Treasure Coast is the Sailfish and Marlin capitol of Florida, who knows?  Maybe I'll get a monster.

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