Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fishing From A Wheelchair; Part 1

As promised, I'm starting my series on wheelchair and handicap access fishing spots.  I'll be starting with the Jensen Beach Causeway.  There are two areas where access is reasonable.  One is the wood pier.  It does have one drawback....the slope pf the sidewalk when you approach the parking area os a bit steep and difficult to navigate unassisted in a chair.  Once on the pier, though it's all golden.

This brings us to the main causeway concrete pier under the bridge.  Access is excellent and it's easy to navigate with a chair.

Photography by E, Leonard

Overall, I have to give the causeway only a 4 star rating though.  There are only a couple handicap spaces for parking, and as I mentioned above the steep sidewalk slope at the wooden pier can make it interesting either up or downhill in a wheelchair.

As to the fishing?  Well, even a bad day fishing beats a day stuck at home, or in the office, or in the hospital!  I caught one small redfish, about six inches long.  It was too small to keep.  Happily, I caught it on an ultralight rig I was using to jig for baitfish for my bigger poles, so it felty like a whale on the wee little panfish rig Ugly Stick.

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