Monday, July 15, 2013

More on Freshwater Fishing; Fishing in the rain from Chantal

They say that a dedicated fisherman has his lines in the water, rain or shine.  They also say that low pressure improves the bite, and I can tell you that that is true. 

This was what the weather looked like, or worse.  This is Lake Okeechobee with a thunderstorm blowing in.. It's hard to tell, but the lake is very rough with some pretty big chop out there.

Here was my take for the day.  16 assorted sunfish and bluegills, all pretty good sized and two channel cats.  The bigger of the two was quite the acrobat, by the way.

I say this, because this cat was a strong, wily, challenging fish.  It was a male, by the way, and about 24" long.  He was also a jumper.  He got lots of airtime, trying to throw the hook.

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